Mark Tungate

Editorial Director

Epica Awards

Újságíró Worth Global Style Network, Stratégies, The Times, The Telegraph, CNN Traveller and Luxure
Szerző Luxury World: The Past, Present and Future of Luxury Brands, Branded Male: Marketing to Men, ADLAND: A Global History of Advertising, Fifty: The Amazing World of Renzo Rosso and Diesel, Fashion Brands: Branding Style From Armani to Zara, The Epica Book – The Best of European Advertising
Fordító és szövegíró ügyfelek: MTV, Diesel, Coca-Cola, Orange, Publicis, Eurosport, Initiative Media
Oktató Parsons Paris School of Art & Design

Adnan Arnautlija

Media Marketing


Executive Editor of the Media Marketing portal, based in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina. Prior to joining this leading media outlet for the creative industries of the Adriatic region in 2015, he worked as the Editor in Chief of English service in Bosnia and Herzegovina's most prominent independent news agency ONASA.

In late 2015, at his initiative, English version of Media Marketing portal was launched to help spread the word of creative industries of the Adriatic Region. He has also served as a member of the Epica jury.

Kai Stöcker



Kai started his career at an advertising agency in Munich, called Arc-en-Ciel. As an account manager and PR consultant he was responsible for clients like NeilPryde, Oxbow, BMW, Nil cigarettes and Vinnolit. After 4 years he moved to London for a while and came back to Hamburg in 2001, to build up the German office for the UK based Start-Up “The Comfort Zone” as Managing Director. After two more stops in Hamburg, at market leading and highly awarded film production companies Markenfilm and Cobblestone, he moved to Berlin in 2008 and started Cobblestone Berlin as a Managing Director. After being involved in film production for more then 15 years, he moved to Amsterdam in 2012 to join Minivegas (a digital studio), where he extended his knowledge about interactive work, digital installations and data visualization. In August 2013 he started at Acne as Managing Director and became a partner a year later. Here he could combine his digital knowledge with his producing experience and make use of his agency skills.

Additional project experience:
 -Teacher at Miami Ad School, several jury positions at int. film festivals, speaker at seminars and panel discussions
 - Planning, building and running a Bar called “Bonbon Bar” in Berlin, as one of three partners.
 - Restructuring a creative Unit at Markenfilm and making it more profitable.

Juhász Péter Tibor

Borsodi Sörgyár


One of the most awarded Hungarians from the advertiser side. Besides local and regional awards (including Effie, LIA, PIAF, Golden Drum, EPICA) he twice stood on the stage of Cannes Lions as member of Deutsche Telekom projects.
Currently, the marketing director of Molson Coors / Borsodi Sörgyár.
Before, he was the head of marketing communications of the market leader telco company in Hungary, Telekom.
He spent the first 10 years of his career at Procter & Gamble in various positions in logistics, brand marketing, media planning and digital. He was the first one in the P&G Central European organization going to paternity leave.
He lives in a small village close to Budapest. He’s happily (yes, really) married with 3 little children

Svetlana Ćopić

Block & Roll Belgrade


One of the most awarded Creative Directors in the Adriatic region, with 18 years of experience in creating ideas for brands and clients from a wide variety of industries, including P&G, Nike, Coca-Cola, Microsoft, Heineken, Sony, Toyota, AVON, US Steel, Samsung, Visa… 
Numerous awards at the biggest international festivals, such as Cannes Lions, Golden Drum, Eurobest, New York Festivals, Cresta, Global Awards…
Many-times member of international juries, such as Epica Awards (Paris) and Golden Drum (Portoroz).
Currently directing her first documentary movie.

Michael Weinzettl

Lürzer's Archive


Pál Zsombor



Pál Zsombor nem először dolgozik a Kreatívnál, 2008 és 2010 között a magazin és az online szerkesztője volt, majd a Vodafone marketingese lett.
Három évet töltött a telekommunikációs cégnél, ahol előbb specialistaként ATL-kampányokat menedzselt, majd brand voice szakértőként a márka szövegvilágáért felelt,
2013-ban pedig az induló Forbes munkatársaként tért vissza a médiába.
2016 októberétől a Kreatív főszerkesztője.

Ricardo Distefano

TBWA is The Disruption® Company


Ricardo is the most German Brazilian ever. Punctual, straight to the point with still enough dance moves to go around. He’s made his way through some of the best independent German agencies before joining the network game and TBWA\ in Düsseldorf.

In his years in Germany, he has learned and pushed his craft at the Berlin wildchild Aimaq Rapp Stolle then moving to the powerhouse Jung von Matt in Hamburg and Berlin finally moving on HEIMAT, where his last task was leading the alwayson, digital first, 60+ person, Opel unit. Throughout his stations he has done almost everything: from Mercedes and Smart to Rewe, from Heineken to Sparkasse, from Otto to Henkel, from Google to the German post. He still very much looks forward to the day he gets to do pharma. A true New German, a lives in Berlin/Karow with his wife Annika, three kids – Max, Bruno and Lola – and dog Lasca. He also vapes a lot, builds bikes and tattoos his own legs.

Simona Suman



Simona started as a junior copywriter in a local Romanian agency at 19 years old. Since then, her career allowed her to discover the world by working in 3 different countries, judging and speaking at international award shows and promoting Lady Steps, the female empowerment program she has co-founded. In the last 10 years she’s worked in large networks such as Y&R, FCB and finally McCann, doing local but also regional and global work for major clients (Coca-Cola, Vodafone, MasterCard, KFC and many more), while being awarded in international and local award shows along the way.

A MAKSZ delegáltjai

Nagy László



László Nagy has been working in advertising for more than 18 years. His advertising career started at Ogilvy & Mather Budapest in 2001 as Copywriter. From 2010 to 2012 he was the Associate Creative Director of Saatchi & Saatchi, after that he switched to ACG Budapest in the same position. With his help, ACG became one of the most creative and successful agencies in Hungary and four times the most effective independent agency in the world regarding the global Effie ranking. His work gained many awards at major international and local festivals. László has been serving in numerous national and international juries reaching from Golden Blade to Golden Hammer.

Kenczler Marci


HPS Experience

“People see me and see the suit, but they know I’m rock and roll through and through. You know ‘Live fast, die young’? Not my way. Live fast, sure. Too bloody fast sometimes! But die young? Die old.” – David Brent

Az MRSZ delegáltjai

Gulyás János


Magyar Reklámszövetség

1993 Well Reklám és PR ügynökség
1996 Publicis Magyarország, account director, később ügyfélkapcsolati igazgató és regionális account director, valamint az igazgatóság tagja lett
2000 Kirowski, ügyfélkapcsolati és üzletfejlesztési igazgató
2001 Publicis, Párizs, márkaigazgató
2002 Y&R és Wunderman, ügyvezető igazgató
2004 Young & Rubicam Brands csoport, magyarországi igazgatója
2005-től a MAKSZ ATL elnökségének tagja.
2008-2010 Szonda Ipsos, vezérigazgató
2010 november 2.- MEC, ügyvezető igazgató
2018. január Wavemaker Hungary, vezérigazgató
2018 decemberétől a Magyar Reklámszövetség elnöke

Nagy Bálint


Magyar Reklámszövetség

Originally a lawyer, has worked in marketing since the start of his career in 1985.
Has a Diploma in Marketing Communications from the IAA and in 2014 completed his Ph.D at ELTE University of Budapest, writing the history of marketing in Hungary.
Worked as Head of Corporate Identity ofMalév, Managing Director of BBDO, and in executive positions at IBM Hungary, Magyar Telekom and finally at Vodafone.
2006-2009, President of the Hungarian Advertising Association.
Since 2009 a full time university professor ofInternational Business School (IBS) Budapest, heading the Marketing Academic Area.

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